Apple Logo Beanie

AMBRO Manufacturing has many services that we can provide. One of which is embroidery, the reason I brought this up is because our apple logo beanie is embroidered. We don’t normally embroider our retail beanies, but we do have a few beanies like that. Normally our beanies have the logo or design woven into it. I thought the apple logo beanie would look much better as embroidery because of the finer details. This beanie is meant to be funny and it reaches out to anyone that loves pie, and math.

Beanies are meant to be fun, stylish, and give off some personality. I think our apple logo beanie hits on all those marks. The beanie you choose gives off what type of personality you have to others around you. Not only does it act as an accessory it can also act as a billboard if you’d like to advertise something that is that best way to do it in the winter. It’s cheap marketing and in the long run it ends up paying for itself. We make our beanies with the same machines carhartt does and we do them for cheaper as well.

Our apple logo beanie is a retail garment, but we also do custom knit beanies as well. If you want custom goods all you have to do is call us at (908) 806-8337 or you can email us. If you are looking for our retail beanies all you have to do is head on over to We have been doing this for a while now so we understand how to make a store quality beanie without having any issues. If you decide this is the right path for you, then you can call us and we can help you figure out a design for the beanies you want. Our artists come up with all kinds of crazy ideas have a look at our apple logo beanie for instance. If embroidery isn’t for you then you can look at our woven beanies.

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