Beanie with 2 Poms

Here at AMBRO Manufacturing we always try new and innovative ideas for our customers so we have also tried a beanie with 2 poms. We have 3 retail beanies with that inspirational idea and it’s been a success this far. We have made animal beanies to make this idea come to life using the poms as ears. A beanie with 2 poms is a great asset to a beanie arsenal because you can do so many more ideas when it comes to that, for instance you could make an alien beanie with 2 poms as the antenna.  

Beanies are so cool because you can manipulate the design and make something entirely different all together. Say we have a beanie with 2 poms and then we added a few more to it to make a 3-D polka dot beanie. The ideas for beanies and poms are endless and we are here to ensure that you find at least one beanie you like on our retail website Beanies breathe life into a cold personality so grab a beanie today and warm up to someone.

We also do many different custom jobs here at AMBRO Manufacturing. Custom knit beanies are one of these jobs, so if you have an idea for a beanie that you want to see come to life feel free to call us at (908) 806-8337 or you can email us. We have a staff of great employees that can answer any questions you throw at them. So quit thinking about whether or not you want to make a custom knit beanie. We all know that you want to do it, we have the ability to read minds as well as knit, embroider, and screen print. Pick up the phone and call us with that really big order that you want to make.

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