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When it’s cold out beanies are the best advertisement you could ask for. That’s why in the winter you see beanies with company logos on them. When it comes to marketing product different companies’ view all aspects of advertisement beanies with company logo on them just happens to be one of them. It’s always in sight and its right smack on the front of a person’s head so it’s easily in sight and free advertisement all the time. All companies put their logos wherever they can as long as it’s in sight and on your mind.

Here at AMBRO Manufacturing we can do custom logos for custom knit beanies. So what that means is that you can choose anywhere on the beanie to put your logo. Then when it comes to customizing the beanie itself you can choose a cuff or no cuff an as many or as little poms you want on the beanie. After all that you still get to choose what kind of art you’d like on the beanies and one of our great designers could help with that. If you have a company it is smart to make apparel to where around to get the company name out there. Beanies with company logos are by far the best way to get the company’s name out there.

The quality fabric that we use allows us to elevate all the product design bringing out a fun and fresh idea that you’ve never seen on a beanie before. Our motto is “Our customers are the inspiration for everything that we do.” If you are looking to get custom knit beanies with company logo you can email us or call us at (908) 806-8337. If you’d like retail beanies you can go to

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