Custom Black Beanie

I have read that the winter season starts on December 21st, but everyone realizes that it is still very cold out. What you need is a nice custom black beanie of your very own to keep you warm throughout all of the cold seasons. Beanies are what make winter bearable. Winter isn’t fun when your ears are icicles and your teeth are chattering so bad you can’t hear anything else. Accessories during the winter for men are usually limited to Beanies, scarves, and gloves. Here at AMBRO Manufacturing we have custom knit beanies and custom knit scarves. Our Beanies and Scarves are made of 100% acrylic with lycra woven into them and they made in the USA.

A Custom black beanie is the perfect billboard for you logo. Beanies are on the most noticeable part of the body during winter time and that is the head. If you plaster your logo on the front of a beanie for all to see then your logo will start becoming the talk of the town. A custom black beanie is also very color neutral so you can wear these beanies with literally anything you would like and still have it matching your outfit.

We also make retail beanies not just custom black beanies. If you visit our retail store you can see all of our retail beanies. We usually add new beanies often so if you keep or eyes peeled and look at our website often you will notice new beanies throughout the year. Beanies are a good way to express yourself through clothing. They can make you look cool, they can make you look mean, they can make you look tough or even cute it all depends on the attitude you want to give off. If you have any questions about our custom black beanie please feel free to call us at (908) 806-8337 or you can email us.

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