Custom Brewery Hats

Most if not all microbrewery owners are extremely passionate people who love what they do.  For them, going to work is not really "a thing".  Every day, they do what they love doing.  We have been fortunate enough here at BeaniesUSA to work with hundreds of microbrew owners across the U.S. and furnish them with custom brewery hats.

As an American manufacturing and knitting company, we understand the passion of doing something we love in a country that we love.  Our custom brewery hats are made with passion right here in the USA and they are completely custom.

We use a technology called jacquard knitting, which enables us to embed a custom logo into our custom brewery hats.  We use logos and text to help convey the proper brand message.  Our custom jacquard beanies resonate with our microbrewery customers because of the craft nature of what we do.  We create our beanies from yarn to beanie in up to 7 colors and adorn them with a custom logo cuff or pom pom.  We also offer a companion scarf to complement the beanies.  Oh, and they also have the logo and design work knitted right in!

Most beanie providers offer embroidery on their beanies, and while we also offer embroidery, the option of knit in logos makes the hat truly custom.  You can not "feel" your design anywhere on the beanie.

If you are interested in learning more about how custom brewery hats can help brand your business or you would like to place a test order, please give us a call (908) 806-8337 or email us.

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