Custom Knit Beanies

Custom knit beanies are the perfect winter accessories for anyone feeling cold. It is not hard to tell if you are cold you need to bundle up. Instead of buying a factory made beanie, you can buy some custom knit beanies from us or you can go to to buy our retail beanies. It’s not a hard choice to make. Not only do we make custom knit beanies, they are also store quality. We do all of our knitting in house and we use the same machine to knit as carhartt does. Our prices on beanies also beat must retail places.

Custom knit beanies that we make come in different styles. We can make beanies with a cuff or not cuff at all. We can also make a beanie with a pom, without a pom, or with a bunch of poms. It’s all a preference thing; we would like to accommodate your needs as a customer. We also carry twenty-seven different yarn colors to make you the perfect custom knit beanies. Our designers can make also anything happen in the 8 bit format when it comes to design. Making custom knit beanies has to be done in an 8 bit format because the program weaves the beanies in small pixel points.

If you aren’t into the 8 bit stuff we can always make you a plain colored beanie and you can get it embroidered with a design you have/like. Beanies are relatively new to us still we have only been doing it since 2017. There are companies out there that have been doing it for decades. The difference is that you won’t find beanie designs like ours anywhere else. When it comes to retail companies it feels like once you have seen one you have seen them all. Here at AMBRO Manufacturing we are trying to take it a step further than would you’d normally see. If you are interested in custom knit beanies all you have to do is call us at (908) 806-8337 or you can email us.

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