Great Beanies

Great beanies are one of the things that make winter bearable. Anything less than great would mean your ears might freeze off. The fabric needs to be thick, but not heavy and tight, but not so tight that you get a headache. It’s also something that needs to be fashionable. Great beanies have perfect placement for logos and fit comfortably on your head. That is something we provide at AMBRO Manufacturing. We design beanies all in house with 100% acrylic yarn and lycra that is woven into the beanies for that stretchy feeling.

We like do make unique design for beanies on our retail website stuff that has never been seen before. The custom beanies we do are a little different we don’t have as much creative freedom as far as the customers go, but we do like to suggest things to certain customers helping us get our great beanies out there. Great beanies aren’t mass produced they are made with a little tend, love, and care from smaller companies that pay attention to the process. Big companies never give TCL to their product they only focus on making a lot fast. Obviously we don’t have the abilities to mass produce our beanie I can guarantee that we are on par with those so called “great beanies” in the stores and we make then for cheaper as well.

If you are interested in custom knit beanies you can always give us a call at (908) 806-8337 or email us. We have a staff of knowledgeable employees anyone of them can answer your questions about our great beanies. There are design options as well, we can do cuffs and Poms or if you want two Poms we can do that as well. You should contact us as soon as possible you might contact us when we are running a deal.

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