Knit Beanie Pom Pom

A knit beanie pom pom is a fun way of adding a little style to your beanie. Beanies themselves are very expressive, but adding a pom pom then makes it that much more expressive. With a knit beanie pom pom you can make them really big or really small depending on your preference. We also have the ability to make them in one color or many difference colors. We like to experiment with this sort of thing over here at AMBRO Manufacturing since we do all our beanies in house. Pom poms aren’t always necessary, but at one point in life they were for fisherman so that they wouldn’t hit their heads on the boats.

A knit beanie pom pom is an accessory that isn’t just for kids anymore everyone enjoys a nice silly pom pom on the top of their beanie. Beanies come in all different shapes and sizes which is what makes it so fun to design new and innovate beanies. A knit beanie pom pom can be used in the design as well, for example we have made animal beanies with the pom poms as the ears. We are currently trying to figure out how to make a horse mane with pom poms.

We can do any custom job you want with a knit beanie pom pom or even with the beanie itself all you have to do is call us up at (908) 806-8337. One of our employees will pick up and help you with whatever order you’d like to place. We also have an artist on staff so if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for you can talk with her and work out a design you want. You can also email us if you decided you don’t want to talk to anyone over the phone. We also accept pigeon mail if you can get it to us.

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