Personalized Beanies

Personalized beanies are the perfect gift for the cold seasons; I’ve actually seen them being given as a gift in the summer as well. What’s cooler than getting a beanie personalized specifically for you? Beanies are a small and inexpensive gift for anyone involved. Here at AMBRO Manufacturing we do custom knit beanies and could put anything on it from logos, to a saying, or even a piece of art you created. It’s such an expressive article of clothing it can bring together any outfit. I have made personalized beanies before and they bring such pleasure to anyone receiving them.

Not only do we offer personalized beanies but we also have a website for retail beanies as well which is If you do decide to go the personalized route then you would want to either email us or contact us at (908) 806-8337. We have many reps here that can assist you in any beanie needs. We make all of our custom knit beanies in house. That means we can make whatever you’d like and put it on a beanie as long as there’s no copyright laws being broken. Make winter yours again by bring in your style and braving the cold like nobody else.

During the warmer seasons we are working towards fisherman beanies which is a smaller beanie that only covers the top of your head and doesn’t go passed you ears. Personalized beanies like that would be easy to work with as well. We are here striving for innovation for our customers. Trying to figure out what will and won’t sell. Personalized fisherman beanies are something that I haven’t seen on the market and think will be worth a buy. Every inventive idea starts somewhere it just so happens to start with personalized beanies this time.                                                                                              

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