Promotional Beanies

Promotional beanies are a great way to get some marketing for a company at a cheap price. Here at AMBRO Manufacturing we sent out promotional beanies to a few instagram influencers and the traffic we got from it was better than what we were expecting. Promoting a company with a beanie is a great tool to have in the arsenal. If you plan on having beanies as part of you marketing or part of your company I highly recommend doing a promo with beanies. It is getting to be warmer out by we aren’t out of the woods yet when it comes to cold weather. Beanies will be around for another month or two at least. You’ll still see others with beanies through the year.

Beanies never die out altogether there’s always someone who is wearing a beanie no matter what the weather is. Sometimes your wardrobe just isn’t complete without it. Promotional beanies are great for spreading the word about your company through special 8bit design and clothing. The special thing about our beanies is that we can knit in your logo into a beanie rather than have it embroidered. The yarn we use is 100% acrylic and we knit in lycra with the beanie for its stretch factor.

Firstly, you need to judge whether you need promotional beanies or not. I can answer that for you. You do, next you need to ask yourself if you can afford the beanies. I can answer that for you again, you can! Our prices are very competitive. You can just call up and ask anyone of our employees the number is (908) 806-8337 or you can email us. We are patiently waiting for you call today. We want to see you company grow and flourish help us help you.

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