Wool Beanie

A wool beanie is nice and keeps you warm, but it’s nothing compared to the comfort you get from a 100% acrylic yarn beanie. Wool can tend to be a bit itchy when it comes to skin contact. Beanies are meant to be made of yarn because the can be made for a light weight use or even a heavyweight use for those freezing days. A wool beanie is definitely not something you want to be wearing during the fall it’s in between summer and winter. If you check out our website at www.beaniesusa.com you can see all of our retail beanies there, we have a variety of over 30 beanies.

Beanie season is right around the corner and you don’t want to miss out on the best beanies around. Yea, a wool beanie is great but you cannot knit artwork into a wool beanie like a regular knit beanie. Here at AMBRO Manufacturing we have a great selection of beanies for any customer to choose from. We have artwork for adults, teenagers, children, and for people with ordinary taste we have solid color beanies as well. We have 27 different colors, and we do custom knit beanies as well.

A wool beanie is not something we do here, but if you would like we can put itching powder in a beanie for you. It’s essentially going to be the same result of having a wool beanie. If you don’t want an itchy scalp and are just going for a comfy beanie with cool artwork we can hook you up. Call us at (908) 806-8337 or email us for more information on the custom knit beanies. We have a crew of very knowledgeable employees who can answer any and all beanie related question. If you can stump us on knit beanies or a wool beanie question we will give you a free…high five.

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